And the winners are…

First place
Winner of $100 Amazon Gift Card  |  “Peeps the Last Supper” by David Cadia

Second place
Winner of $50 Amazon Gift Card  |  “Deviled Peeps” by Kailee Rose

Third place
Winner of $25 Amazon Gift Card  |  “Peeps Zoom” by Joe Zeller

A special thanks to the runner-ups
“Joint Replacement Peeps” by Wendy Pligge, “Cackling Veep Delivers the Official State of the Peeps Address” by Mike Zeller, “Corned Peep Hash” by LouAnn Zeller, “Peepflation” by Ruth Pligge, “Peepventative Measures” by Joel Davies, “My Peeps Stand With Ukraine” by Danielle Magana, “Peeps in Bloom” by David Cadia, “We have a Peepuation” by Belle Goble, “Eye on the Prize” by David Cadia, “Peace for Peeps” by Neal Steinhour, “Peep on the Rocks with Salt” by Jessica Studnicka, “Duck-Duck-Peep” by Roxanne Scheri, “Peeps Annual CMYK Dinner Party” by David Cadia, and “Peeps for Peace Ukraine” by Roxanne Scheri.