And the winners are…

First place
Winner of $100 Amazon Gift Card  |  “Stranger Peeps” by Conrad Herrick

Second place
Winner of $50 Amazon Gift Card  |  “Peeps Choir” by David Cadia

Third place
Winner of $25 Amazon Gift Card  |  “Old Fashion Peep” by Joe Zeller

A special thanks to the runner-ups

“Oscar Slap Peeps” by Wendy Pligge, “Russian Warship, Go Peep Yourself” by Chris Kowalski, “Big Peep Race” by Motl Accounting, “Peep Lightning” by LouAnn Zeller, “Sunflower Peeps Field” by Kailee Rose, “Center Peep” by Belle and Noelle Goble, “AI Anxiety” by Joel Davies, “Spring Chickens” by Lisa Van Aller, “Captive Peep” by Brian Beaugureau, “Havoc Dog” by David Korecki, “One Bad Peep” by Brian Beaugureau, “Peeps on a Plane” by Robert Billings, “Three Blind Peeps” by Jessica Studnicka, “Peeps Over Chicago” by David Cadia, “There’s a PEEP in the Pool” by Jessica Studnicka, ”Peeps Macy Day’s Parade Float” by David Cadia, “Pied Peeper” by Joe Zeller, “Peeps Zombie Army” by David Cadia, “RhiPEEPa’s Halftime Show” by Anonymous, and “CocoPeep” by Roxanne Scheri. 

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