A Central States Health Plan

The TeamCare mission is to serve Teamster local unions, employers and members by helping them get the most out of generous health and wellness plans. We worked with TeamCare to communicate the breadth and depth of these health benefits to members. We also assisted TeamCare in business development with creative campaigns focused on acquiring new companies to join their health plan.

Brand Positioning

Through our proprietary “Voice of the Employee” research, we were able to develop a powerful positioning statement and tagline, “Delivering better healthcare over the long haul.” This statement resonated well with TeamCare’s audience and served as an umbrella for all of their marketing efforts. We also crafted their mission, vision and value proposition statements based on our internal research with key TeamCare employees.

TeamCare brand positioning poster and brochure

Brand Guidelines

To help marketing and other departments within TeamCare maintain consistency within the brand, we developed “reader friendly” brand guidelines. These included proper use of language, logo, typography, colors and photography.

TeamCare Brand Guidelines manual cover and interior pages

Communications Development

We worked with TeamCare marketing teams to create communications for their plan participants, local unions and employers. Once we created the TeamCare brand look and voice—it helped drive a cohesive message to all of their target audiences.

Our efforts included a member newsletter, an employee newsletter, monthly buckslips to promote their plan when participants received their explanation of benefits, naming the intranet site, an extensive summary plan description document, engaging infographics and more.

TeamCare Roadmap poster Know Where to Go for Healthcare
Three TeamCare buckslips and two postcards
Six TeamCare logos
Six TeamCare logos