Case Study:
Acronis SCS Infographics

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Acronis SCS is committed to the public sector’s unique cyber protection needs. Their products ensure data security across federal, state and local government, education, healthcare and nonprofit organizations. Both certified and compliant, their products are an ideal solution for the challenge of trying to modernize cybersecurity without opening up new vulnerabilities in highly secure systems.

With cyber attacks on the rise, organizations can’t afford to take cybersecurity risks lightly or continue to have limited defense mechanisms in place, leaving their data vulnerable to hackers. As the growing threat consumes our reality, Acronis SCS wanted to create a series of infographics addressing the key pain points for their five vertical markets and how their product, Cyber Protect Cloud (CPC), can help protect sensitive data.

Acronis factory image Acronis hospital image Acronis college image Acronis government image


Zeller Creative Group developed a set of infographics that is highly visual yet blends in supporting text and statistics to clearly communicate each market’s main message. We worked in tandem with the Acronis SCS-established brand style and assets, while creating on par custom illustrations to highlight each sector. Extreme precision was used to create a strong and organized flow, delivering information for easy comprehension of the severity of the issues at hand.